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Get your kicks . . .

. . . on route 66. Somewhere in the mists of our minds, that phrase must still dwell. Of course, it is a remnant of a USA that existed long ago in a time when things were not as complex as they are now for that country. The song and the promise that it portrayed still lingers in the psyche of the USA, and also for many who have never lived there, or, perhaps, even been there. The tune conjures up cruising down an impossibly long two-lane highway in a convertible top automobile, hair flailing in the breeze. Back then, it might have been a 1957 Chevrolet, or a Ford Mustang. Of course, the cars weren’t all that reliable compared to today, and some of the roads have seen better days, but it was an evocative period in time that had its pluses.

Were you ever able to partake in that slice of Americana? If not, would you like to? Our affiliate friends, Titan Travel have exactly what you’re looking for with their Historic Route 66 tour. Have a look at what’s in store…

The spirit of historic Route 66 is ingrained in the American psyche. Nicknamed the ‘Mother Road’ by John Steinbeck, this iconic highway represents America’s ideals of freedom. Our 17-day Route 66 tour from Chicago to LA is both an epic road trip and a journey of discovery through America’s heartland. We’ll take in Oklahoma, St Louis, Amarillo and Albuquerque, plus the Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest national parks. Covering ‘more than two thousand miles all the way’, it’s perfect for fans of retro Americana.

Interested? Click here to look (and book) the full itinerary with

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