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Geluxe . . even better than deluxe 

We like to work with many travel companies, mainly because it gives us the depth and breadth to offer you a diverse mix of choices. If you’re the avid travelers that we suspect you might be, you want to skip the “been there, done that” locations and go the extra mile to make that happen. Typically, we would see you as someone who knows what they want, scour the internet (and our site, of course) to be able to secure “the next big thing.” But, sometimes, you simply want someone else to do the groundwork for your next adventure, big or small. So, we can think of no-one better to be able fill those requirements than one of our favourite affiliate friends, GAdventures. As they say themselves, Changing the world through travel: that’s been our goal since 1990. Sure, call us dreamers (wouldn’t be the first time), but that idea has been at the heart of everything we’ve ever done and has helped us grow into one of the biggest adventure travel companies on the planet. *woot woot.*

They also pride themselves as doing the right thing, whether it’s skipping overcrowded locations, featuring destinations that are truly “out there” if you know what we mean, and helping local communities, Indigenous peoples, women, youth — anyone who has traditionally been marginalized or undervalued. Because there’s incredible power in being part of something bigger than yourself. Today, our definition of community tourism means that the communities we impact ripples far beyond our destinations. To us, it includes our employees, supplier and agent partners, small business owners, customers, social followers, and travelers just like you. We proud and thrilled to be associated with them.

So, take a look at their latest approach: the Geluxe Collection. Available to book now with departures starting in May 2024, this new group of upgraded experiences features 28 trips that focus on being physically active, with one-of-a-kind accommodation, elevated dining, and a heavy focus on community and culture, unlike any other program of trips currently on the market. Click here to explore the G Adventures catalogue.

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