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Freedom on wheels

Even as we approach our “sunset years,” it’s clear that most of what we used to be is still with us. Our playfulness. Our sense of humour. Our love of life. Our desire to travel. Seeing live music and enjoying it just as much as we did when we were 18. Maybe the muscles and bones are not quite as forgiving as they used to be, but the heart’s intent is enough to push past the lumps and the bumps to try again. We won’t be who we were back then, but perhaps a wiser iteration.

We would guess that almost everyone here had a bicycle (or maybe even more than one) as we grew up. What a thrill it was to have the freedom to almost anywhere, and certainly places where cars could not pass. We didn’t really give too much thought the health benefits back then, but they were there, they were real and we will never forget our adventures.

But, what about now? What’s stopping those of us who have forgotten that joy? How do we get back to that place, and what does it mean when we do? Get a taste of that in the thoughtful Australian film Ride: A Short Film About Cycling.

And, as ever, we have some ideas for you if you want to get back to where you belong.

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