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For the whole family! Soviet Bus Stops!

We pride ourselves in always looking for the unusual; things you don’t see everyday, but probably should. Real travelers seek ways to come back home, hands trembling, with new finds, new victories, real souvenirs. If you spend enough time on our site, you’ll probably agree that we certainly give it an heroic attempt at the very least, and sometimes we nail it.

So, when we stumbled upon a YouTube video about a chap who has spent a lot of his time sourcing something rather arcane, even by our standards. Look below – yes, that’s the topic today: One man’s mission to find and document unusual bus stops in Russia. And while this might sound somewhat whacky, or just a stunt, once you dive into the logic and intent behind this whole intensive endeavor, you’ll soon realise why Christopher Herwig spent 12 years traveling through the former Soviet Union, taking pictures of Soviet-era bus stops: they’re art unto themselves. And when you discover why they look the way they do, it will open up an entire other world of what the world can be all about: love, passion, duty and joy.

They’re more than simply utilitarian. They’re art, lovingly created, good or bad art. It’s a wonderful thing to behold when people come together to do the right thing. Hurrah! Lithuania! Hurrah, humans!

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