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Ferry interesting!

We’re sure that many of you use ferries. In some situations, such as Greece or even Alaska, they’re the primary way to get from A to B. But, did you know that the global ferry industry is similar in size to the commercial airline industry, transporting approximately 4.27 billion passengers per year, plus 373 million vehicles (including cars, buses and trailers.) Wow! Look at those numbers. So, it’s clear that ferries are not only big business, but they’re also a lifeline for many places. We use them all the time to get around the Pacific Northwest and, of course, when we visit friends in Greece. What a relaxing way to go.

So, it’s good news, of course, when you can save money on your travel, and also use a method of travel that is good for the environment. And, that’s what we have here. Our affiliate friends, Ferryhopper, have some good deals going on at this time. You can save up to 40% OFF on ferries in Europe. Hop on a ferry adventure in Europe and add extra island stops to your trip. Discover offers, fuel your wanderlust and cross places off your travel list with Ferryhopper. Ready to make waves? Click here for schedules and to book.

You can also have a “double dutch” of fun when you combine ferry with rail Click here for more

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