European self-sufficiency

Europe is often looked upon as a model of efficiency.  With nearly 750 million people living in a relatively tight space, they need to be. 

But, Europe has also been the mother of invention there.  Spain created the spacesuit.  Iceland created the power transformer.  Ireland created the submarine . . .  and more.

One modern and practical thing that Europe has done well with is low-cost airlines:  they have been a way of life there for decades. Why is this?

If you are traveling on a low-cost airline in Europe you are traveling light! Passengers are generally discouraged from checking in luggage and allowed only one or two small carry-on bags on board the plane. Stick to this plan and you have found an affordable way to travel while avoiding any potential additional charges.

Low-cost airlines in Europe are often encouraged to fly to smaller airports close to large destinations. While you may not arrive at the principal airport for the city you wish to visit, you have the advantage of shorter queues and excellent public transport links to whisk you towards your accommodations. Using these airports opens up regions for travelers keen to explore the full experience of some of Europe’s most exciting cities.

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