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einstürzende alte Gebäude*

(*Collapsing old buildings.) Or, when will they ever learn? Yet another post in our series of watching history disappear, like it or not. In this case, it’s an example of the US government’s intent to raze two important buildings in Chicago, Illinois. These historic Chicago skyscrapers should stay, as they acted as the template for hundreds of skyscrapers in the USA and, as it happens, around the globe.

In this instance, these historic towers in Chicago are at risk, but not because there’s a shiny new development coming along that wants the site. No, even worse: the US Federal Government simply wants to demolish them. Just like that. And what the Government wants, the Government gets, right? Well, maybe not, not when a group of people with a sense of history and, in some cases, the ability to pull government strings are fighting back, tooth and claw.

This story is worth watching for two reasons. Firstly, although the buildings are not as old as, say, the Eifel tower, nor as irreplaceable, the Consumers and Century buildings in Chicago are an important part of the city’s architectural history. Secondly, we hire the government. We pay them to do the right things for the citizens. That doesn’t mean that they have carte blanche. The people should have the final word. Watch the excellent video courtesy of The B1M, below. Subscribe to their channel. And, go visit the buildings!

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