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Drive your very own tank

War is not funny, nor is it something to be admired. But, learning about the horrors of war is something worth doing. History is destined to repeat itself if we don’t. We feature history here on our site for those very reasons.

Drive a tank? Yes, you can. And, the way things are going, who knows, it might actually be a useful skill. But, in this case, the tank is real, but the skirmish isn’t. As the world gets larger as it gets smaller (thank social media) your world can get larger, too. Can you see the bullet’s high velocity?

Take an unforgettable ride on an infantry fighting vehicle – Czech BVP. Experience an exciting ride on a hilly terrene followed by a visit to a garage with military vehicles. For many individuals, driving a tank offers a sense of power and control. Tanks are massive vehicles with impressive capabilities, and being behind the wheel can make you feel a sense of dominance. The feeling of operating such a formidable machine can be quite thrilling.

Moreover, tanks are designed to traverse various types of terrain and can handle rough environments with ease. Maneuvering over challenging landscapes, such as rugged terrain or muddy fields, can add to the excitement and enjoyment of driving a tank. This is what you’ll experience on this activity.

Take an exciting ride on an infantry fighting vehicle
Enjoy 15-minute of tank driving
Get a chance to see a garage with military vehicles

Click here to book your tank adventure.

Get back to the lovely Hotel Ostrov, take a shower and explore this center of Nymburk.

A little edgy music to get you in the mood, courtesy of The Stranglers.

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