Descending pyramids

Lifting weights has a long list of benefits, but one of the biggest risks of either doing it in improper form or going too heavy is that you can wind up with back pain. According to a chiropractor, there’s another factor in strength training workouts that can also put your back at risk: the number of reps that you’re doing throughout your session.

“Sometimes, the amount of weight that you’re lifting can be problematic for a back injury, but the other factor that matters is how long the body is under that stress,” says Kirstie Griffiths, DC, a chiropractor and yoga who teaches yoga programs that help with back pain. “The body starts to fatigue as you go through a certain number of reps, and some people get to a point in a workout where they can feel when their form is starting to come out of alignment.” Her take? This is an indication that you should stop doing the exercise. Otherwise, your back (among other parts of your body) can get injured.

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