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Change the Locks

Here’s another instalment of our on-going and ever-delightful series of places that you may not know, but should. This one features an historical (perhaps even long-forgotten) element of almost every country’s past, and that was the inexhaustible desire to stay alive again the odds. Some of us were born in snow, some in the blazing sun, and some took their first breath where the air was clear, water was abundant and mother nature was still a force to fear.

Today we take you to a place just like what was just described. Hatton Locks is a lovely, quiet, serene place in Warwickshire, England. And, above and beyond the natural beauty, Hatton Locks is exactly that: locks. If you’re not familiar with locks, they provide a calm and safe way to allow boats and ships to pass from one level to another.

lock is a part of a navigable waterway system that makes a water “channel” deep enough for vessels to use. The lock controls pool depths, for example in a lock and dam system across a waterway. The flight spans less than 2 miles of canal, and has a total rise of 45 metres. As well as being impressive (and they still work, every day!) they are also a site to behold when they’re at work. And they are still out there. The Panama Canal is one. China’s Grand Canal is another. And the Hiram M. Chittendon Locks in Seattle are another. Definitely worth a day out. Prepare yourself to slow down to witness this real history before your very eyes.

Enjoy the view, courtesy of Barnyz

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