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Canada welcomes quiet visitors

Oh Canada. A place of some intrigue to many, there is always something new – and usually very old – when travelers peek under the hood. Sure, the names Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Quebec and Calgary always roll off people’s lips. But, like anywhere else, out of the mists (real and imagined) are many other destinations in this massive, peaceful, egalitarian, but sparsely populated country. If you’re the outdoorsy type, then set your controls for the heart of the surf. And, may we add, not exactly the Beach Boys’ kind of surf. Leave your surfboards at home.

If you were awake in geography class, you’ll know that Canada sits atop the USA and is, roughly the same width (but with a much larger height.) However, what the USA has that Canada does not have is population. The United States has over 330 million residents. Canada? Just 40 million. There’s plenty of extra room to stretch your legs in “The Great White North.” And, despite being “brothers from another mother,” the two countries can be markedly different. Since much of Canada’s border creeps up north into the Atlantic ocean, the sea is an everyday neighbour. But, some of those neighbors show up when it’s least expected, they don’t call ahead and they can leave a big mess while they’re there. Awesome.

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