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Canada Rail Vacations

Lots of people seem to love to come to Canada for their holidays and, of course, there are lots of reasons why. The country is immense almost 4,700 miles (7,560 kilometers), and most of that is along the border of the USA. You can certainly make your way northward if you’d like, but it’s mostly snow and bears. If that’s your thing, then we salute you. Even if you stay along the borders (better watch out for the US border – there are cameras everywhere, although you don’t normally see them – they’re high atop poles, ever vigilant, awaiting perpetrators.)

So, the best, easiest & most unforgettable way is to Canada is to take the train cross-country. And we can show you how.

Now, what can you do to enjoy yourself, all the while not worrying about the distance or the possible border complications? The best solution in almost every part of the planet is or course, rail. And we have just hooked up with rail and travel provider Canada Rail Vacations. Their name says it all.

Canada Rail Vacations was founded by Martin Flanagan in 1995. He’s been everywhere there is to go in their beautiful country and his exuberance when sharing Canadian experiences with guests only grows brighter with each year! Let us know if you love cycling, and Martin will set you up on a private cycling tour no matter the season.

100% Canadian owned and operated, they provide unforgettable Canadian vacations for their clients. Whether you want to glide through the Canadian Rockies aboard the luxurious Rocky Mountaineer, travel the entire breadth of North America from coast to coast aboard VIA Rail, or completely customize a tour to chase the Aurora Borealis, they have the tour package you are looking for. Click here to look and book.

This is one of those holidays you’ll remember forever. Click here to look & book.

Imagine the rhythmic chug of the train lulling you into a peaceful calm as Canada’s diverse landscape unfurls before your eyes. As you embark on a train journey across this vast country, you’ll traverse through towering mountains, endless prairies, and bustling cities. From the comfort of your cozy cabin, you’ll witness the changing canvas of seasons, each bringing a unique charm. The tantalizing aroma of onboard meals, inspired by Canada’s culinary heritage, will whet your appetite for more than just the sights. This isn’t just a train ride, it’s your chance to intimately experience the heart and soul of Canada. So go ahead, pack your bags and let the train tracks guide your adventure. Click here to look and book.

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