Border hopping

The modern-day relationship between Canada and the United States has always been a good one.  Nearly always peaceful, the two countries share many similarities:  language, laws, trade and more.

Cross-border travel is another.  The width of Canada and the USA are immense, 7069 kilometres from the west to the east, to be exact.  Getting around can take some time.

Both countries are dotted with small-to-medium size airports, many that can handle commercial flights.  And (as in Europe) many of these airports are now ramping up again (after the Covid pandemic) to restart flights. 

One of which is Connect Airlines, a new regional carrier that plans to begin passenger flights in October between the USA and Toronto’s Billy Bishop City airport.

The airline says ““Connect Airlines will offer a premium service for day-tripping business travellers”, providing “a valuable alternative to business travellers as they start to fly between the United States and Canada again.”

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The US / Canada border wall is very secure, as you can see. Canada is on the left of the "wall."
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