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Benidorm walkabout

Every day, we pour over what the internet has to offer, evaluate whether it’s worthy or not, and if it is, we leave it here for you to enjoy. Some of our posts are rather simple – such as the one today – because not everyone who is on the Internet needs to read a 1300-word essay on why some random author (usually trying to sell something) prefers Dutch cheese to that from Devon. Yes, we also have links and offers on our site, too, but we really try to think hard about whether our mature readers would find those links and offers useful. We like to think that we’re like you, and so we look for news and offers that are useful and practical. If we do feature travel companies, we do so because we like what they have to offer. We try to use their services so that we can speak with some authority, and we give you the straight dope. We hope you like our approach. If you do, please tell your friends.

To demonstrate our ethos, we love to dig out unusual topics and tell you all about them. But sometimes we just enjoy presenting a slice of life. And that is the case here. Benidorm is one of Spain’s most popular travel destinations. How popular? Around ten million people visit every year! So, join the ranks of those who know a good thing when they see one. Watch the Benidorm Old Town video and enjoy a little bit of Spain from the comfort of your own sofa.

Take the kids . . . or be a kid! Click here for a fun day out at Terra Natura Zoo / Aqua Natura playland.

EasyJet fly into Alicante, close to Benidorm. Click here to book your flights.

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