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Belgrade upgrade

We like to feature Belgrade when we can, as it’s a genuinely diverse and fun place to visit. You can cast away all of the cobwebs of the olde Belgrade, as those are yesterday’s news and certainly not the reality of this up-and-coming destination.

And, you’ll know this is true when Lufthansa make the move to boost operations across all former Yugoslav markets. Lufthansa plans to maintain flights from Frankfurt to Belgrade, Zagreb, Ljubljana, Skopje and Sarajevo, as well as from Munich to Belgrade, Zagreb and Ljubljana this coming winter season, which begins on October 29 and runs until March 30, with services and capacity to be increased on all routes. That’s a considerable bump in availability and, especially noteworthy is that it’s Lufthansa making the commitment. Hopefully, Lufthansa will also extend this destination to their “baby” carrier, Eurowings.

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