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Behold . . . Gold

No matter where you live (almost) you’re certainly going to be some distance from Australia. For example, from Sydney to Canada is 18 hours, 31 minutes. From Incheon in Korea, the flight time is 11 hours and 05 minutes. And from New York City, it’s  20 hours and 41 minutes. It’s a commitment. When your Admin (me) worked for one of the biggest travel companies (begins with an E) I had to fly from London to Oz a number of times at 21 hours 40 minutes each way. Not trivial, to say the least. But, definitely worth it.

Usually when you mention Australia, your first destination will be Sydney. Again, rightly so. But how about if you shift into a different place and mindset – the Gold Coast. Australia’s Gold Coast is in the heart of subtropical Queensland, rife with natural beauty and a human spirit dedicated to vitality, fun, and enjoying life. The skyline of Gold Coast practically dips its toes in the ocean, and much of the area is rich in lush greenery and waterfalls. Fair go, mate! Oi for drongos and galahs. Speak Oz. Click here for lessons.

And remember that Gold Coast also happens to be the theme park capital of Australia, which helps drive Gold Coast tourism and serves as a nice complement to the lazy beach life.

What can we possibly add to describe this location. Click here to book the Voyager Resort. Wow!

Virgin Australia – the logical choice. Top service, modern aircraft. Click here to book.

Go wild! Get Extreme! Surfers Paradise Jet Boat Ride is a must. Click here to book.

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