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Behold! A more efficient you.

It’s OK to throw your clothes into a pile in the corner when you’re at home. But, you don’t really have that luxury when you travel, especially with today’s ludicrous prices for checking in your luggage. Right now, you can pay from $30 to $89 per bag, and this is not even factoring in that just a decade or so ago, they were free to check-in – and the planes are the same ones from that decade ago. Did the planes shrink?

Of course, this all means that travelers will do whatever they can to say money, which usually means being compelled to take carry-on luggage. Not a horrible option, but, once again, you’re up against the wall in deciding what you take with you, and what you don’t. So, it makes sense to be smarter when it comes to packing.

Our British affiliate friends – Which? – have been put on this Earth to show us better ways to live, and better ways to save money. And they do it all with a cheerful and clever approach. Watch here where they show you ways to – get this – fold your t-shirts to not only take up less space in your luggage, but also how to sort them by colours in your bags, or in your drawers. Your mother would be proud. Genius.

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