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Beckoning cats

Cats are one of the most undefinable species on the planet. We bring them into our homes and they seethe disdain and muted anger when we attempt to touch them. And then, moments later, they saunter up to us, curl up in our laps and purr as if there was no tomorrow. Our cat is that mercurial but, he still manages to have a home without lifting a finger – or paw, as it is. But, it’s no surprise, I guess, when we see the sheer number of cat lovers on the planet.

And where will you find this devotion to felines more than in Asia? Their love of these domesticated (usually) pets almost define the region, in some ways. According to, pet ownership rates vary by country in East and South Asia. The most popular pet species also differs depending on the nation. An online survey by Rakuten Insight found that while 59% of people in the region keep pets, the average doesn’t always reflect the range of rates in a specific country. The survey included 97,000 respondents from China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam. Ratuken’s analysts conducted their survey in January 2021. The Philippines in particular top the list – 83% overall in  cat ownership rates. (It’s interesting, but not surprising to note that dogs actually top the list of all pets.)

But, back to the topic: Japan and its love of cats. If they’re not the real, living thing, the Japanese love almost any representation. And, to the point of this post, the well-known Beckoning cats. You’ve seen them in windows, with their paws automagically waving at you. Hundreds of different styles and design. It’s almost impossible not to love them.

So, if you are one of the loyal followers, when you’re next in Seto Japan, visit the Maneki-Neko ( “Beckoning Cat” ) Museum. Not far from Nagoya rail station, your Beckoning Cats dreams will all come true. Follow these directions from Kansai Airport –› JR Limited Express “Haruka” –› Shin-Osaka Sta. –› JR Tokaido Shinkansen “Nozomi” →Nagoya Sta. –› JR Chuo Line –› Ozone Sta. –› Meitetsu Seto Line –› Owariseto Sta.

Click here to explore what the museum has to offer. And see below for things to do in Nagoya while you’re there.

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