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Be a Ferryhopper

We’re all about doing the right thing for the planet, and then for the rest of us. Taking trains is one way to help the environment, rather than driving. Using mass transit (and here we truly use the word mass in the best sense) is another smart approach. In many parts of the world, including ours here in Canada, we try to take ferries when we can. In our case, there are 200 islands off the coast of Vancouver, comprised of a labyrinth in what is called the Salish Sea, between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia. 

To the point: ferries just make sense. For example, here the ferries have capacity for 2,100 passengers and crew and 358 automobiles. That’s efficient. Even better, the ferries are equipped with lounges and cafes. But that’s nothing compared to places in Asia or, especially Europe.

Just for a sense of scale, thanks to 57 national ports and other small tourist harbors, you can travel by ferry between many destinations of the Italian mainland (alone), as well as the different island groups.  And they come in all shapes and sizes.

Ferries come in all shapes and sizes. This one, however, is The Love Boat.

So, with that background, join us in welcoming Ferryhopper as our new affiliate friends. Ferryhopper gives you an overview of the most popular ferry routes to help you plan your trip. They provide ferry tickets and services for 105 ferry companies. Read on and discover the latest news on ferry travel between Italian ports, as well as ferry schedules from Italy to other countries. Click here for schedules and to book.

Take a ferry. You’ll love it. Click here to look and book with Ferryhopper.

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