Aussie hotel floats to North Korea

Hope springs eternal, and this idea almost made it.  But the winds of change, and the tides – literally – sealed its fate.  It’s a long and winding tale.

The Hotel Haegumgang is a floating hotel that began operations in Queensland, Australia, was moved to Vietnam, and is currently docked at Mount Kumgang on the east coast of North Korea. According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, it “has developed something of a cult following in Australia”.

The hotel was the brainchild of Australian developer Doug Tarca and his son Peter. It was constructed in Singapore and opened in 1988 as the John Brewer Floating Hotel. It was positioned on the John Brewer Reef, in the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Townsville, Queensland, Australia. The seven-storey structure had nearly 200 rooms, nightclub, bars, restaurants, a helipad, and a tennis court.However, the hotel soon began to struggle financially.

The future of the hotel looks bleak, but if you hurry, you might find a way to see if before it it razed.  A unique piece of history.

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