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Asia on a budget? We’ve got good news.

Thanks to YouTube, social media at large, and the globe’s ever-expanding joyous travelers, discovering the planet for (perhaps the first time, or even for the 20th time,) travel is for almost everyone. And the free tools (Google Translate for example) that are readily available to all to easily communicate, we can now be a part of places that we once only dreamt of.

What’s even better is that getting around is becoming even easier, what with inexpensive flights, cruises and tours, the world is literally our oyster. And, as social media explodes with content, what might have been a deterrent a decade ago, now becomes a doddle: you can easily travel, communicate and, even better, find deals that may never had existed only not too long ago. The world belongs to everyone, it’s true

Speaking of YouTube, it’s one of the best places to get advice and to find deals. We enjoy a top YouTuber, Yin. He travels everywhere, fearlessly, and tries every possible mode of transport, no matter how uncomfortable or awkward. One of his top objectives is to get the absolute best deal.

As you’ll see in the video above, he explains how to journey from Laos to Bangkok. But be aware: his approach on this trip is a 2-day bus ride. But you will be beaming with pride when you see how much he (and you) can save. Yin is also a delight as your tour guide: kind, funny and polite, and thoughtful. Enjoy the video above and see what we mean. Click here to view a map that might be of service to you. Of course, you can install Google Maps on your phone before you go.

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