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Antibes: your Liebe?

Years ago, when your editor was a wee sprog, I discovered progressive rock music. One of the leading promoters of that genre was Richard Branson’s Virgin records. Those of you of a certain age will certainly remember Tubular Bells: Sir Richard brought that most amazing event / LP to the public. Another thing about Sir Richard was that there was a sister label called Antibes, again, the purveyor of complex but fascinating music. Your editor was young and not aware of the places that we’re discussing now, but was smitten and somewhat in awe of the name of the label – Antibes. The music still is relevant, and the place is one of those distant locations that makes some of us think that a: it doesn’t exist, or b: we can never discover its many joys. But, of course, we can.

Well, in this case, happily Antibes is a very approachable (if pricey) place to visit. History abounds, as does one smashing café or restaurant after another. Antibes is on the water, so you can also enjoy soaking up the rays with other hedonists. Watch the video, above, for a leisurely stroll through the minted streets and passages of this still relevant, still gorgeous place. Watch the video above for your stroll through Antibes.

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