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And your car can sing

Tell me that you’ve got everything you want, and your car can sing. Another delightful “out of left field” post here, and this one that anyone can enjoy, assuming that you have a car (or any vehicle with tires) and the right road. Having a map or GPS isn’t a bad idea, either. And, no, this is not some daft off-road exercise ala Thelma and Louise. This is an example of why we love humanity so much. For every warmonger and every violent event, you will also find hidden treasures of pure joy.

If you’re a fan of Asia (we certainly are) you’ll know how playful the residents of that part of the world can be, especially the Japanese. If there is a way to make someone’s day happier, the Japanese will find it and spread the love. Click here for lots of reasons why we love their lovely country.

But, here we feature something that most people would never even dream of – a singing road, tuned perfectly provided that you keep to the correct speed.

Now, on the other hand, behold another example of this musical journey, but one in a different tone and, alas, flat notes rather than flat tires. Nice try, USA! Watch this fun video courtesy of Tom Scott.

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