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Air Transat: it’s where it’s at

If you’re a regular to our site, you’ll probably have seen some posts about Air Transat. The airline is a Canadian company based in Montreal, Quebec. Founded in 1986, it operates scheduled and charter flights serving 60 destinations in 25 countries. It’s might seem curious that the company doesn’t have much of a profile for travelers, but it’s certainly something for you, the erudite traveler to look into. One of the features of the airline is their flexibility in ticketing and booking. When you search their site for flights, you’ll be presented with a comprehensive selection of offers, presented as bundles, where you have a good amount of flexibility in how and when you can book.

We have used them time and time again over the decades and appreciate the way that they do business. We’re also pleased in that they use Airbus planes and, as you’ll see, they keep them updated and current. A win-win, if you ask us. Watch the video above.

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