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A day in Japan – 1940s in colour

We woke up this morning with a real longing to go to Japan, a place where we’ve never been, but know that we will go, someday. After a little research, we decided to go back in time to Japan in the 1940s. The miracle of the internet constantly drip-feeds us, every day, with new joys. In this case, it’s a lovely video, courtesy of Nass gives us restored and created a sound design for this video of Street scenes, city in Japan 1940s, Shot passes by shops and many pedestrians, who look at camera, crowded sidewalk with stalls of sidewalk sellers on each side and daytime, shot from sidewalk towards street, Passes by long string of wooden houses, stores and small shops. Magic. Even better, as you watch, you’ll be serenaded by Kyu Sakamoto’s (at the time) unexpected global hit song “Sukiyaki.” Lovely. Welcome to A day in Japan 1940s in color [60fps, Remastered] w/sound design added.

In the 1960s, Japan experienced rapid economic growth and industrialization, becoming one of the world’s leading economies. This period, known as the “Japanese economic miracle,” saw the country’s transformation from a post-war state to a global economic powerhouse. Japan excelled in industries like automotive manufacturing, electronics, and technology.

Japanese pop culture, including anime, manga, and video games, has gained global popularity and influence over the last few decades. These cultural exports have contributed to Japan’s soft power and have played a role in shaping global entertainment trends. It’s a place that everyone should aspire to not only visit, but also to emulate.

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