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2 hours of Spinach

Yep. That’s what we thought, also: we felt like fleeing at high speed in the opposite direction when that controversial vegetable was mentioned. That was until we discovered exactly what Spinach was. And you’ll be just as excited as we are. Lisbon and Spinach! Get to know Lisbon on a Spinach electric convertible car for up to two people. And now we’re tootling away at a sensible speed in our Spinach car.

Embark on an interactive sightseeing experience that lets you turn any place on Earth into an amusement park. Powered by state-of-the-art technology, Spinach electric cars describe what you’re seeing in an entertaining and cultured way. You can roam freely through Lisbon and choose the path you want to take, the places you want to visit and the perfect spots to park this incredible convertible and go about discovering the town, its architecture and historic sights. You can choose from four different routes: Alfama, Belém, the city center or the new avenues. What a blast! Click here to book your tour.

Welcome aboard Spinach Tours, where we take sightseeing to the next level. Our eco-friendly talking car will guide you through the city with witty commentary, insider knowledge, and a unique sense of humor. From hidden gems to famous landmarks, our tours cover it all, and you’ll never be bored as our car keeps the banter going the whole way through.

Click here to book your Spinach tour.

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