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10-4, good buddy. What’s your 20?

Does anyone remember that phrase? In the 1970’s CB (citizen’s band) radio was all the rage. Everyone had one in their car and – without fail – their truck. The owners used names like Zeus, Rubber Duck, Troubled Ninja, Evil Eyeball and Grand Daddy Low. There were even movies made around this phenomenon. But, as with all trends, it withered away to just a handful of “Good Buddies.”

For those who have forgotten or weren’t even born yet, Citizens’ Band radio, often simply called CB radio, is a system of short-distance, two-way radio communications using a selection of 40 channels within the 27-MH-z (11 m) band. The Citizens’ Band Radio Service originated in the U.S. in 1945 to provide citizens a radio band for personal communication. It was regulated by the (USA) Federal Communications Commission. 

Since CB has, for the most part bitten the dust. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t join the cool clubs that have picked up the baton. Don’t forget that aviation is full of jargon and (we say lovingly) mumbo jumbo, too.

Few industries have as much specialized jargon as aviation. This short video will break down three common phrases you’ve likely heard pilots talking about. Ready?

If you want to jump in, start here with the Aviation Geek Club. This is a perfect way to pass the time as you await your flight to Akron, Ohio or ither similar exotic locales.

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