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What you need to know before your summer trip to Mexico

Summer 2022 is approaching, and now that we’ve got the hang of safety measurements and procedures, we can safely start planning our next travel adventure. This year, many Americans are traveling south to Mexico, our neighboring country. According to official Mexico City airport arrival data, Americans are the second largest group visiting the capital after Mexican travelers. Are you planning on joining those stats? Our affiliate friends, Casai, have all you need to know.Click here to explore properties.

PCR tests are required when you return to the USA

PCR tests are not required for entering Mexico. However, you’ll need to take a PCR test up to 72 hours before your flight on your way back home.

Good thing is we have your back. You won’t have to worry about finding a testing center when you stay in a Casai residence, whether that be Mexico City, Cabo, or Tulum. We can deliver PCR tests directly to your Casai under demand. 

What is the weather like in the summer in Mexico?

Summer is a wonderful season to visit Mexico City – even though it is technically the rainy season. It is characterized by sunny mornings, cloudy afternoons and windy evenings. Short drizzles help lower the temperature, allowing you to comfortably tour the city. And if a storm shows up, you can seek comfort in a cozy café or trendy bar. Many of our Casai apartments feature lovely views of several landmarks of the city – a pretty cool alternative plan for watching the rain fall down.

If you’re planning on heading south to Caribbean destinations like Tulum, you’ll likely enjoy the sun through and through. Rain and storms are a possibility, particularly after the afternoon, but skies provide ample notice. And there’s nothing to fear – the sun won’t take too long to appear.

According to recent statistics, Mexico City and the Caribbean Coast are among Mexico’s most popular destinations. The arrivals at Cancun airport are constantly increasing. In 2021, there were 30% more seats available, and that number continues to grow.

But when you look at the destinations close to the city, it is no surprise. After a short drive, you can reach the town of Cancún, Playa del Carmen, and – a favorite among savvy travelers – Tulum.

The ambiance in Tulum is of nature-inspired relaxation – unless you’re joining the town’s amazing parties, of course. When thinking of locations, the jungle is the top pick among visitors. It is midway between the town and the coast, and is now home to eco-chic gated communities Aldea Zama and La Veleta.

Casai’s newly premiered stays are distributed throughout these communities. High-end interior design, professional cleanings, fast WiFi, and elegant workstations are all included.

On the other hand, if you want to head for the city, Mexico City is a diverse metropolis full of culture. It is as large as it is varied, and picking the perfect location may be difficult. Yet, for a connected stay full of trendy spots to visit, we’d recommend checking in at Colonia Roma Norte, Colonia Juárez, Polanco, and La Condesa. Looking for your ideal neighborhood? Take our quiz and let it find you.

 What is the culture like in Mexico

Mexico is home to several indigenous communities and houses thousands of indigenous languages. Of these, 68 are recognized by the government, and are widely spoken today. Zapotec is commonly spoken around rural Oaxaca – a state famous for its folklore and traditions.

Yet if you’re looking to learn as much as possible, from as many destinations and cultures as possible, Mexico City is your spot.

The Anthropology Museum is an ample collection from all corners of the country, and it is expertly scattered through an iconic building – more than enough to keep you busy for hours. 

Outside of museums, the Teotihuacan archeological site is a must. Once a thriving pre-Columbian city, it is now a testimony of the country’s foundation.

On the other hand, if you’re planning on going south, you can catch several archeological wonders in Mayan ruins around the Yucatán peninsula – rising above jungles or hanging over pristine beaches. Additionally, ruins are often found close to cenotes – clear water caves famously sacred to the Mayans. Many are open for visitors, and they are the ideal heat relief.

Expedia have great options to fly to Tulum. Click above.

What to eat and drink in Mexico

When you hear the words “Mexican food,” what comes to mind? Burritos? Fajitas? Fortunately, Mexican cuisine includes a lot more than we’re used to. 

Try Oaxaca’s seven moles, the Pacific Coast’s Baja style fish tacos, Yucatan’s cochinita pibil, or Mexico City’s juicy tacos al pastor. The country is a foodie’s paradise for all kinds of palates.

It is even a paradise for mixology enthusiasts! If you fancy a nice glass of tequila, you’ll be a Mezcal fan in no time. The smokier, more mature cousin of tequila is now the drink of choice in Mexican bars. “Mezcalerías” are becoming increasingly popular in Mexico City and Tulum, and are especially enjoyable on a chilly night. Try it on its own or with a bespoke cocktail crafted in-house. You’ll be ordering the next glass in no time.


Mexicans are one welcoming bunch

The country is known for being kind and friendly. Although speaking the language is encouraged, locals are often rather fluent in English – but even if they’re not, they will most likely be happy to help you however they can. Of course, some spots are safer and more welcoming than others, but as a general note, Mexican residents are some of the nicest people you’ll meet. 

Casai apartments are located in residential areas that are both safe and welcoming. The intention is to immerge yourself in the destination and engage with the local community already present. That is our favorite way to travel.

Mexico is famous for its Artisans and Designers

Mexico lives on through the vision of its incredible artists and designers. The abundance of materials, techniques and artisans across the country is astonishing. Each state specializes in something different- from Oaxaca’s beautifully painted alebrijes to Guadalajara’s pottery, Puebla’s talavera, and Tulum’s palm-weaved textiles. 

The goal of the Casai apartments is to connect guests with local artists and entrepreneurs. Decor incorporates local cultural traditions and designer pieces into every building, so you can feel like you’re traveling the country, even from your bedroom.

While you’re there, enjoy Xcaret, Xcaret park is the cancun park where you can find underground rivers, the caribbean and mexico’s culture, in one place. Click above. It’s terrific!


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