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The real Nevada for Aussies

More than anywhere in the US, the city of Las Vegas defines its home state. But to discover the real Nevada in 2022, here’s a tar-lined itinerary to take you on the road less traveled.

For decades, the state of Nevada has been an enigma to Australian travellers; a mystery that’s been overshadowed by mischaracterisations of brutal desert landscapes, obscene neon and as the backdrop of some terrible Hollywood films. But scratch the gritty surface of this breathtaking landscape and American cultural time capsule to discover a U.S. state that punches well above its reputation.

The Valley of Fire

If you’re an Australian and you’ve ever dreamed of visiting a Nevada beyond the bright, neon lights of Vegas, after a week of road tripping through the seventh largest state in the US, I can tell you that a hedonistic weekend visit to what’s better known as ‘The Strip’ doesn’t come close to what is on offer.


Nevada is unassumingly massive. It straddles the elbow of a big-armed California like a bicep that’s continuously in flex. And with one of the highest percentages of public land per state in the country, its eclectic mixture of state parks, ghost towns, endless opportunities for legal gambling, open-air museums, haunted hotels, extraterrestrial beings, public art and stunning scenery, Nevada ticks just about every box for the idyllic road trip destination.

Henderson, Nevada.

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