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Special Needs

What does the future hold in travel?

It is 2022, as of the creation of this article.  Humanity has had a rough ride in recent years, what with Covid-19, floods, earthquakes, volcanos and the social upheaval that we have - rightly - experienced all around the globe. Travel has also been impacted in a major way.  For example,  In 2020, international travelers spent…

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We speak your language

A quick little article here.... If you visit us regularly, you'll know that we love to travel the world and we do our best to share the love with you through our articles, images and travel services. We're happy to announce that we can now go one step further:  we've just added new translation languages…

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Belly up

What exactly happens when a company closes shop?  It's complex even in the simplest instances, but what about if it's an airline or a travel agency? Even in a good year, the finances of most airlines are precariously placed like a house of cards. A couple of bad business decisions can sometimes start a chain…

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Kung Fu stewardess

Well, we never thought that we would be writing about this. The Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc everywhere.  It has been a sad and horrible event in our lives.  But, as we write this article, instead of rejoicing in the fact that the world is slowly reopening, we see many individuals exhibiting their absolute worst…

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An equal opportunity skeptic

Top ten things you should know about alternative medicine. I’m an equal opportunity skeptic. I’m skeptical about alternative medicine, pseudoscience, and quackery; but I apply the same standards of skepticism to conventional medicine. I don’t write about conventional medicine so much, because I don’t need to. Science itself is inherently skeptical and scientific medicine is…

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