You’re a space cadet

This sounds like fun, but, most importantly, has a very good intent at its heart.

You can win two seats on one of the first Virgin Galactic flights to spaceSir Richard Branson is putting his money and his spaceship where his mouth is.

Here’s what’s you can look forward to:

  • Make history as you both live out your astronaut dreams on one of the FIRST Virgin Galactic commercial spaceflights

  • Experience weightlessness and awe-inspiring views of Earth from space

  • Join Sir Richard Branson for a personal VIP tour of Spaceport America

  • Be flown to the home of Spaceport America in New Mexico (hotel included!)

All proceeds go to  the Charities Aid Foundation America, a group that funds charities all around the globe.

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Imagine being 50 miles / 80km up in space. Cocktails not available during the flight.
Let's give the man his due. Virgin has top holidays around the world. Click above.
... and Virgin Atlantic are one of the best airlines around. Click above.
Spaceport America. Tripadvisor can get you there, even if you don't win. Click above

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