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Your flight options may have just improved

If you pick up any newspaper or magazine, you’ll undoubtedly find that there is still mayhem when it comes to flying. As quickly as the Covid pandemic destroyed travel for over two years, its disappearance and the resulting rush and push to travel once again has absolutely nailed many travel companies to the wall. Feast or famine, neither were ideal.

One thing that came out of all of this turmoil is that, alas, some travel companies didn’t survive, and that is indeed a shame for all who were effected. For example, over 40 airlines failed in 2020. Even big companies like Thomas Cook and UK airline Flybe. There are more. But, we’re writing this in December of 2022 and the trends have changed. And one thing that many companies learned was that, perhaps, another way of surviving and, as it happens, thriving by merging together to make a stronger whole. American, United, Delta and Southwest are often called the big four U.S. airlines, and they have the money and resources to weather the storms. But, don’t necessarily count out the smaller, scrappier airlines.

In this case, two US smaller airlines, JetBlue and Spirit, are looking into whether a merger would be the best way forward. JetBlue’s tie-up with Spirit would make it the fifth largest domestic carrier. Wall Street Journal’s Alison Sider and a former JetBlue executive explain how the combined airline could compete. The video is interesting in itself, but it also shows how you, the buyer, would benefit by the competition.

Click here to watch the video from WSJ and learn more . . . and save more.

The merger may in the future, but you can book JetBlue now. Click here for vacations.