Yes you can, mama in Panama

Panama is world-famous for its 48-mile canal that connects the Pacific Ocean with the Atlantic Ocean. Each year, over a million people visit the canal and are able to witness this engineering marvel at work.

Panama is very proud to have this magnificent creation operating 365 days a year, enabling the world’s cargo to be shipped efficiently and safely to new destinations.

But, the canal and the beautiful beaches and idyllic islands aren’t the only treasures to be found in Panama. Panama City is the most cosmopolitan capital in Central America, and a must-visit for any traveler in the area. The capital of Panama is actually 3 cities in one, with a historic district, a rebuilt district, and very modern areas.

This vibrant and dynamic urban center is truly a cosmopolitan city in the middle of the tropics, so expect to see massive skyscrapers surrounded by breathtaking nature. And don’t forget: Panama City is home to one of the 7 man-made wonders of the world, the famed Panama Canal.

As home to the canal, along with the most well-connected airport in Latin America, Panama City truly helps connect the world.

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