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Wine ice cream

Once again, another fun post about Europe, but this time we focus on the Rhine, and what it has in store for gourmands and fast food lovers alike, from Bingen to Koblenz! DW’s drone-mounted camera takes you to castles and palaces, as well as the Lorelei – the rock steeped in myth and legend. Come along with us to regions and cities in Germany, throughout Europe and to far-away destinations, courtesy of DW Travel. DW Travel shows you the captivating world of “wanderlust”. They share selected destinations from all over the world with you — through the eyes of Indian YouTuber Dhruv Rathee, popular travel vlogger Eva zu Beck, African YouTuber Tayo Aina and other fascinating people who love to travel. And don’t miss the journeys through Germany and Europe with DW host Lukas Stege and the DW reporters!

And keep your eyes open to behold the wonder of Riesling ice cream.

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