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Visit 118 islands in one trip

Are you one of those types that wants to visit every country in the world? (PS – there are 195 countries in the world today.) Or, as a friend of ours is doing, trying to visit 50 countries before he turns 50. It’s an admirable goal, and fun, as well. But, let’s face it, it’s not likely or, sadly, practical for many of us to do that.

But, don’t feel deflated or defeated. There is an easy and extremely enjoyable way to impress your friends and family, and that is by boasting that you have visited, on your most recent holiday, 118 islands. How and where, you will ask? In French Polynesia!

The 118 islands of French Polynesia are scattered over an expanse of blue Pacific Ocean the size of Western Europe. They offer sunny beaches and dazzling resorts with luxurious overwater bungalows, yes, but the country is so much more than a relaxing vacation spot, with everything from underwater shark encounters and giant moss-covered forest tiki (wooden carved human figures thought to have supernatural powers), to flamboyant but authentic dance performances.

Can you imagine rattling off the names of islands such as Tahiti, Mo’orea, and Bora Bora? Well, you can. Our affiliate friends, Scott’s Cheap Flights have got your ticket.

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Budget: $$$$$
When to go: Anytime
Family friendly: 3 of 5 stars
Public transportation: 2 of 5 stars
Main languages: French, English
English speaking: 4 of 5 star
LGBTQ+ Equality Index rank: French Polynesia is not ranked, but it is given a score of 100/100 for strong legal rights for LGBTQ+ citizens.

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