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Time stands still, but still…

People often gasp when they visit British Columbia (BC).  Visit places like Vancouver, and you will see a shiny new metropolis bursting with energy, diversity, world-awareness and history

This article is about some of the history.

Fishermen still ply the seas.  The amount of timber in BC is sometimes hard to fathom – it just goes on and on.  Many of the trees are hundreds, if not thousands of years old.

You can still visit places that look much like they did forty years ago.  In particular, there is a place tucked away along the mainland called Horseshoe Bay (North American names are usually quite literal.)  You can drive there by car from Vancouver in twenty five minutes.

And, one of the  historical mainstays of Horseshoe Bay is the Horseshoe Bay Motel. 

One of the many BC Ferries docks at Horseshoe Bay.

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