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The sparkle in your China

China – probably by the sheer need to do so – continues to burst forward into the future in its technological breakthroughs. As of December 2021, China’s population stood at 1.413 billion.[2] According to the 2020 census, 91.11% of the population was Han Chinese, and 8.89% were minorities. China’s population growth rate is only 0.03%, ranking 159th in the world.[3] China conducted its sixth national population census in 2010,[4][5] and its seventh census was completed in late 2020, with data released in May 2021.[6] Unless otherwise indicated, the statistics on this page pertain to mainland China only; see also Demographics of Hong Kong and Demographics of Macau. (Data and figures courtesy of

But, even more than that, they also manage to include citizens from all corners of the country. In addition to massive growth in the cities and the buildings, themselves, they have also leapt ahead when it comes to transporting its citizens around – even those in the most remote locations. Its appetite and capability of forging into the future is impressive.

Watch the video below and be amazed, courtesy of The B1M.

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