Tash Rabat. How about that?

Do you sometimes feel like you want to go away and stay away?

Well, you’ll be glad to know that, as always, we here at Matouring have solutions for you.  Near or far, we have solutions at our fingertips and are eager to share them with you.

May we present  the Tash Rabat Caravanserai in Kyrgyzstan?  If you’re not fully familiar with  Kyrgyzstan, it is a hidden gem for travel expeditioners  such as our readers.  And, as you may know, a Caravanserai  is a roadside inn where travelers could rest and recover from the day’s journey, historically along the Silk Road.

But, for today’s travelers, there are more modern options – one of which is Tash Rabat, where you can stay in the quiet of the desert. 

Read more (and book) courtesy of Tripadvisor.com

Stay at a comfortable and modern yurt during your visit.
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