Space is the place

By this point in 2020, I’m sure we’re all ready to just blast off this planet — or at least I am. Not to mention, after recent news broke that potential life has been detected on Venus, I wouldn’t mind poking around up there. I guess the main dilemma is that I wouldn’t really have anywhere to stay.

Fortunately, travel booking platform, is working on a solution that would allow simple Earth dwellers the opportunity to stay up in outer space. This week it announced its goal to become the first online travel site to provide future hotel bookings in space. A pretty sky-high goal? Absolutely. However, showed its dedication to the mission by creating the website,, which gives travelers a glimpse of what the future of zero gravity “Hotel Life” could potentially look like

There are loads of things to do near the launching pad.  And speaking of pads, here’s a selection where you can stay.

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