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Sleepless in Seattle

The Pacific Northwest in the United States is rather beautiful, especially if you don’t have a problem with rain.  It rains a lot here.  Spring, summer and parts of autumn are lovely, as well, but rain is a defining term for this part of the world.

And, as we know, rain fills the land and sometimes turns into gorgeous lakes, rivers and islands.  You need to get around from island to island, and so, Seattle (and Vancouver in Canada) have an entire industry in ferries.  With many you can drive your car on to, and all will allow you to walk right in. 

Your first (and subsequent) voyages on the ferries are unforgettable.  You must try them.  And agree with us.  Read more here.

If you find yourself in Edmonds, stop by Rick Steves‘ shop.

Stay at the luscious Belltown Inn. Click above to look and book.
Viator has lots of ideas for your time in Seatle. Click above.