Sky train

Some of the most striking and beautiful terrain in the world can be found in South America.  In particular, Chile and Argentina possess almost untouched mountains that literally stun you with their immense size and colours.

One great way to experience this is to take a train, literally into the clouds, and we can get you there.

Explore the area outside of Salta and take the ‘Train to the Clouds’ over the Viaduct of Polvorilla, Argentina. Journey through the Andean landscape by bus and train with plenty of panoramic pit stops on the way.

You’ll set out from Salta and journey north on a bus to the Tren a las Nubes, with three scenic stops before you reach the train at San Antonio de los Cobres. You’ll also have the chance to enjoy an Andean country breakfast and crafts fair. Once your stomach’s full, get ready for the high-altitude Train to the Clouds.

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