Scott’s cheap (travels)

We’re super happy to welcome Scott’s Cheap Flights to our roster of partners.

For those not in the know . . in 2013, Scott Keyes found a nonstop, round-trip plane ticket from New York City to Milan for $130. He knew the deal was a massive score. What he didn’t know at the time was that his cyber bargain-hunting would turn into almost seven figures, a five-employee start-up and an email newsletter with almost 250,000 subscribers.  We featured him in an article.

When Keyes returned from Milan, his friends were desperate to know how they, too, could secure such jaw-dropping deals.  But you have to be fast!

You will find incredible deals – check Matouring’s Deals page as well as links for Scott’s Cheap Flights –  see below.


And, in addition to Scott’s great deals,  see when are the best time to search.

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