Rigi – don’t lose that number

Yodele hee hoo!  Now here is a wonderful, simple and unforgettable adventure for you – lovely Rigi mountain in Switzerland –  and its fabulous cog train.

The residents of Rigi have not let their wonderful natural resource go to waste.  Above and beyond being a daily mode of transport (since 1871) for its residents, it also acts as an inspiring and unforgettable holiday experience, as well.   There are no less than eight stations to make your assent to the top as easy as can be.

There is the Hotel Rigi Klösterli hotel that is how you might imagine an Alpine hotel to be, as well as dozens of pre-planned activities (see below) to make your stay in this part of Switzerland a trip you will never forget.

Visit the mountain’s website, and take advantage of our travel ideas, below.

The Observation point
One of the eight railways that explore the mountain.
Stay at the typical Hotel Hotel Rigi Klösterli. Click above to book.
Fly Swiss, naturally. Click above to book.

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