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Over the past few years, retirees have begun jettisoning traditional retirement plans and choosing to spend their sunset years at sea. More and more people are swapping out their second homes and opting out of RV travel in favor of retiring on cruise ships. Oceanic Resort Condos of America (ORCA) is hoping to appeal to folks floating somewhere in the middle. The group is repurposing a 290-foot passenger expedition vessel into a private mega-yacht, Larga Vida, with 50 condo-style suites. Reservations for sales will begin this week.

The idea behind the company’s condo-cruise concept is to combine the conveniences and adventure of a cruise with the comfort and community that comes with a condominium. While targeting recent or soon-to-be retirees, they are also hoping to entice successful millennials and other affluent buyers to get on board. Condo owners will also become fractional owners of the ship itself—owners are not only buying homes, but they are also buying a slice of the vessel.

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