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As we’ve written before, the world is getting smaller as it’s getting larger.  For better or worse, people around the world are finding more ways to venture to new places, explore new cultures and bask in the visceral joy that travel brings.

But, there is another side to this explosion, and that is there are deep concerns about some of the negative by-products of travel, such as overtourism, and pollution of beaches and waterways. 

More people are demanding solutions to these threats through sustainable eco-friendly travel options, limited use of single-use plastics, and better usage of hotel facilities (energy,) using public transport rather than automobiles, and buying from responsible organisations. 

Our affiliate friends Agoda commissioned a survey with traveler like you about what needs to happen.  Read here and, of course, do your part.

* OTT = ‘over the top’ (meaning, “too much”)

All of the companies below work hard to be green.

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