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Neom: mind blown

Never ones to not think big, the Saudis have the will and the resources to think beyond. They ask “what if we could start again? THE LINE rethinks everything we know about how people live, work and play. A 170 km-long vertical city, designed around people, rather than cars. A revolution in urban living. A city that delivers new wonders for the world.”

The Line is just the start of a mind-blowing multi-decade project that propels humans into new ways of living, especially in places where we wouldn’t stand a chance – the desert. The scale is almost unimaginable. The intent is admirable (even though, as you would expect, there are many who scoff at the idea) and the possibilities are real – as the Saudis have the money and the will.

And why would this be interesting for our readers? Well, we love technology and this concept really stretches that to the maximum. Second, we always hear people complaining about the fragile and diminishing resources on planet Earth, so here is potentially a viable path to better use land that is essentially barren and of no use to anyone – for now.

Say what you will, we endorse the intent, we believe that they can do it. And we wish them well.

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