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Tripadvisor fans (like us) get around.  They every corner of the globe to discover the newest, the wildest, the most obscure and the, well,  just plain fun.

It’s almost impossible to travel without eating something.  And if your budget permits, the lure of “best of” restaurants is just too strong to resist.  Here, here to that,  we say.

So, may we present the latest Best Of restaurants according to people like you or me.

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Les Plaisirs Gourmands may not be #1 on the list, but if the food is as good as the above
The modern Vieux Schilik can be yours. A tram is nearby. Click above.
Omio can get you around Europe - easy peasy. Click above.
Tripadvisor - your travel guardian. Let them show you around Strasbourg. Click above

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