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Midyat Old City

It’s always a thrill when we hear that a new buried or hidden city or artifact has been found. With our modern technologies, these kinds of finds are occurring more and more regularly. Lucky us! Once such place is Midyat.

Midyat is a town in the Mardin Province of Turkey. The ancient city is the center of a centuries-old Hurrian town in Upper Mesopotamia. In its long history, the city of Midyat has been ruled by various different leaders and nations. And something very exciting has happened recently in this intriguing place.

Excavation work in Midyat that reveals huge underground city. The underground city, called ‘Matiate,’ is home to places of worship, silos, water wells, passages and corridors. Many artefacts from the second and third centuries AD have been unearthed in an underground city in Mardin’s Midyat district of Türkiye.

Midyat, which is like an open-air museum with its history and culture, offers a magical atmosphere to visitors with its thousands-year-old stone houses, inns, mosques churches and monasteries.

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