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Loud and proud

We are who we are, like it or not. And we have every right to be that way, like it or not. And if some people have a problem with that, get used to it.

Gay people are still having problems simply being themselves, even though being themselves has been part of the human existance even since the Romans. For them, it was never a problem or nor was it anyone else’s concern.

Societal attitudes towards same-sex relationships have varied over time and place, from requiring all males to engage in same-sex relationships to casual integration, through acceptance, to seeing the practice as a minor sin, repressing it through law enforcement and judicial mechanisms, and to proscribing it under penalty of death. And which decade are we in right now, anyway?

Europe has always been at the leading edge of “letting people be who they want to be” and that is even more evident now in our political divided times. In the UK (former Europeans) that ethos is still strong, if not quite as vocal as in other countries: we Brits are a reserved bunch, on balance.

But that is about to change. Queer Britain has recently come forth with an interesting and prominent agenda to bring their cause into people’s conciousness. The group is a charity working to establish the UK’s first national LGBTQ+ museum, a place as exciting as the people, stories and ideas it explores and celebrates. Learn more here and go visit!

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