Let’s be specific: Oregon’s mid-Willamette valley

Many Americans have a way of saying where they live in this format:  “Oh, I come from West Irishtown in the upper Cuyahoga Valley” instead of saying “Cleveland.” 

Many non-Americans sometimes get confused with that very specific sentence structure.  It’s an endearing thing, but it can baffle others.

So this article follows that pattern in that it discusses food from Oregon’s mid-Willamette valley. (I am not sure what goes on in Left / Right mid-Willamette valley, or Upper / Lower mid-Willamette valley, but that might be another article.)

All jokes aside, Oregon is a gorgeous state, with smart, progressive residents and a healthy view on life and taking care of the planet.  Being on the left coast of the USA, they are part of the conscious liberal people who feel like they are part of the wider worldVisit Oregon.

Read more about the mid-Willamette valley food courtesy of Harriet Baskas‘ delightful Stuck at the Airport.com

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